Shipping Policy

Dear Customer, You have one shipping options for your purchases:

1. National Postal Service (free for purchases >$75), and

2. Shipping pricing plans are as follows:

·         -National Postal Service (approx. 10 business days) - $10.00

If your order is above $75, shipping will be free! We will ship using option 1 (National Postal Service). Your order will go through the custom border procedure much easier, and your order will be delivered within 25 working days.

For express courier service shipping options your order is insured and guaranteed, however, national postal service is uninsured. We do not ask you to deliver us all required documentation pertaining to your order, but kindly remind you that you have the full responsibility to present / prove such documents when asked by Government / Local Authorities.

We will fully refund or re-send your order, except in the case(s) of one or more of the following:

·         -Customs problems to be faced in your country,

·         -Absence of doctor’s prescription,

·         -Absence of any documentation to be provided by you to any officials requesting such documentation, or

·         -Any special condition which will prevent you receiving your order in compliance to your Country’s Laws

Product pictures are representative only. We are working hard to deliver your order in safest and fastest manner. Please have a look around and if you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.