Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a prescription to order from your company?
Yes, any medication that has an Rx sign indicated beside it will require a valid prescription.
How can I send you my prescription?
You can get the prescription at checking out (there will be a prescription loading prompt at checkout) or you can also email us if you prefer.
Is your medication genuine?
Yes, our medication is 100% genuine. We are a licensed pharmacy wholesaler in Turkey and our pharmacy is licensed under the Ministry of Health.
What is the difference between brand and generic drugs?
The biggest difference between most brand name drugs and their generics is that the brand product costs significantly more. Brand and generic drugs are therapeutically and chemically equivalent. Generic drugs are required to have the same active ingredient, strength, dosage form, and route of administration as the brand name product. Trademark laws require the drugs to look different, so the generic version may be a different color, a different shape, have a different taste, or contain inactive ingredients that are different. Generics often cost less because the brand name manufacturer’s patent may have expired, which permits generic drug makers to make the identical product and compete with the brand manufacturer.
Are generic drugs safe?
Yes, they are safe as they are chemically equivalent to the brand name drug. However, you should not purchase generic drugs from a non-reputable company as you simply won’t know what’s in the product. We sell mainly brand name medication and some generic medication as well. Our medication is 100% genuine and we are licensed with the Ministry of Health to dispense these medications. Therefore, you can be rest assured there are no gimmicks here at Allbrandmeds.
What shipping options do you have?
We offer:
-National Cargo (About 25 business days, uninsured) $10.00
Can I return my medication if I change my mind?
All sale of prescription drugs are final. Pharmaceutical laws prohibit the return of prescription drugs so therefore we cannot accept returns. However, you can cancel your order so as long as it hasn’t been dispatched yet. Please get in touch with our support team at for any assistance.
How long will it take for my product to arrive?
Depending on the shipping option you’ve selected and whether or not the item is delayed at your customs border, it could take anywhere from 5 business days up to 25 business days.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept:
-American Express
Are there products you do not sell?
We do not sell narcotics or controlled drugs and benzodiazepine medications.
Can you fill a prescription for my pet?
No, we do not sell medication for pets.
Can you accept my current insurance?
No, we do not accept health insurance.
What countries will you ship to?
We ship to many countries. Please contact us for any specific country inquiries.
Why has my order not arrived?
Orders normally arrive 5 to 25 business days after they are dispatched. They are usually dispatched the same or next working day after an order is placed. When an item is dispatched an email with a parcel tracking number is sent. Very occasionally items get delayed or lost in the process. If an item does not arrive in 25 business days after dispatch, please let us know by email at
Can I track my order while in transit?
You can track your order via the tracking # sent to you by email after placing your order.
Can the progress of orders be checked?
Yes, you can check the progress of your order HERE
Why is prices lower than other online pharmacies?
We are a very large wholesaler of prescription drugs in Turkey and been in the business for over 23 years. As such, we have a good network of companies we deal with and are able to get low prices and pass the savings on to our customers. For that reason we are able to offer brand name medication at such low prices.
Is payment and personal information safe?
Yes, your information is completely safe and your information is safeguarded with us.
Can repeat orders be made?
Yes, as long as the prescription is sent along with any repeat orders.
 Can orders be made by phone?
No. Please use the website to place your order.
Can I order medication for another person (e.g. my partner)?
No. Each person must have their own account and each person ordering to confirm the medication is for their own personal use.
Why can't I order for another person?
We supply medication to named people on prescriptions. Any Questions asked in the order process must be completed by the person who is ordering the medicine. This is a safety requirement and a legal requirement.
Can the same medication be ordered more than once at the same time?
Yes. It is up to you the customer to follow your prescription accordingly.
How to set up a new user account?
Please follow the link: Signup
Can a new accounts use the same email address?
No, you will need to use a new and unique email address for every account on
How to Contact the Pharmacist?
Please send an email to
How to reach us :